Dominican Republic discovers Pedophile Priest in Santiago who now escaped to Poland: Alert!

SANTIAGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – The Catholic Church is being exposed for what it is: the most criminal organization in existence, responsible for over 10 million crimes worldwide (See evidence).

Dominican Republic has not been an exemption to the abuse committed by catholic priests.

In fact, the Office of the Archbishop of Santiago on Friday announced the suspension of the priest Gil Wojciech (Alberto), accused of sexually abusing of minors.

It said they received a missive notifying the suspension of the priest native of Poland, from the Superior de la Delegation of the Caribbean, of the order of priests the „Miguelitas”.

FIEL. The Santiago Province Office of the Prosecutor has launched an investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Polish Catholic priest Gil Wojciech (Alberto) , 36, of three minors residents of Juncalito, Janico township (north-central).

A Justice Ministry source quoted by Friday morning said the Domestic Violence Unit is investigating the allegations against the priest.

Meanwhile, residents of the village in the Central Mountains affirmed they’ll not accept another priest in their town until the case is clarified.

The source added that the victims’ families are expected to file charges Friday morning against the Catholic priest, who is in Poland.


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